Saturday, 25 June 2011

Time flies when your having fun

Seems like just yesterday I wrote my last entry, and tada! its been nearly a month.
I've been in the swing of things here and am really appreciating my time in N. Ireland.
My team has still been undefeated since I've been here which is always delightful.
While I will be in China for the month of August with Canada, my team here,
The CrusadersFC just recieved the draw this week and they will be playing in
Croatia for the women's UEFA championship in August, pretty incredible hey?
I also finished up my first UEFA coaching license here which was a 3 day
long course of soccer education basically.  Part of my assessment was to organize
 and coach a session on the third day. My group thought I was pretty funny with
 my "Canadian accent" and how I referred it as soccer and pinnies, instead of
football and bibs. Regardless I passed :) and met some really quality people.
Pretty excited to watch the Womens World Cup!
Oh and my team here got a new coach! Should be interesting!

Sienna Rose- Paul & Ros' Baby!

Gail & I at overlooking a bit of N.Ireland

My teammate Danielle & I @ our team's fundraiser

Sarah & Luis (Sarah is going to be on the Great Britain Team @ FISU-
our opening match is against eachother)

My friend Luis from Honduras and I at Carrickfergus Castle (He was used to assistant at Southern Miss. and was here for his UEFA coaching as well)

Match Report VS Linfield

Being a Bully