Sunday, 22 May 2011

This week has been soccer filled to say the least.
Wednesday I ended up getting cleared for the first team's match and we won 2-1!
I scored a goal :)
 I also got to play with the reserves on Thursday. I scored a hatrick to make it 3-2. On Friday AIA put on a 12-12 hour cycle to raise funds for Malawi and Moldova that I took part in.
The also night involved an interactive quiz night fundraiser (kind of like a big game show with teams).The night was thoroughly enjoyed and was a great success!

I am also going to China in August as I made the World University Games Team for Canada.

I return home from Ireland July 20th, and start FISU training camp July 27th in Vancouver,
before we head to Shenzhen, China. I am feeling very blessed since I have been given so many oppurtunites to travel, meet amazing people and of course play soccer.
AIA went to Dublin yesterday with a 7 aside team and we played in a tournament against S.Ireland teams. At the end of the tournament I got to speak on my experience in Paraguay and what it was like to go on tour with my favourite Spartans, play against their National team and what the mission of our trip was.

Here is an amazing youtube link below if you want to check it out.

I am also leaving Thursday for Liverpool and return Sunday.
I am visiting my friend in Leicester and I also get to go on a tour through London as well!
Keep me in your thoughts and prayers, as you are all in mine.
LOVE Natalie
`Sport is one language that knows no boundaries and sees no distinctions. It unites cultures, transcends borders and defies logic when words fail, sport speaks.`

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  1. NAT! You're so amazing and I'm so glad you have all these sweet opportunities to play sport and preach God. I'm praying for you, girl! Send me some cookies from China when you get there