Monday, 9 May 2011

Week One

Hey friends :)
I am here: Belfast, Northern Ireland.
I am very happy to be here and in very high spirits.
I had my first training session yesterday and I am playing for the Crusaders FC.
If you would like to follow us, their website is below!

Belfast is a very gorgeous city and has a lot of history. Above is the parliament building!
It is soo green here and soo pretty. Very similar to BC.
I stayed with Ros the first couple days and had a really good time with her. She is due in 4 weeks!
I was with Gail, the national teams assistant coach and we were driving and I kept on taking pictures and she was like what are you doing? I said it's soo pretty here!! She told me to stop taking photos because what we were driving past wasn't even that nice and she would take me to nicer scenery.. haha...
It is actually the Titanic's 99th anniversary here as well.
I have been checking out a couple different churches and have officially moved into
my teammate Elaines house. The people here are wonderful !!
People that I have met in church and on my flights have even offered to show me their country..... nice hey :)
Lastly my skype is natboyd4
LOVE nat

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